The SILVERS Update For February 27, 2023

Almost one year ago, The Silvers became a three-piece recording band. Since losing the fourth member, Dain Bedford-Pugh (guitar and vocals), Carl Upthegrove (drums and percussion) and Mick Orton (bass, keyboards and vocals) have released a new 11 original song album called “Oceans” back in October 2022.

They are about to go into the studio again in March of 2023 to record a new 4 song EP called “Mosaic”, a new Christmas song for 2023 called “Cosy As Can Be”, as well as to start work on a new album of 11 songs called “Paper Street”.

To say this band is prolific is an understatement. And since their music is always evolving, and although to date they’ve hearkened back to sixties style rock and roll, their current work hopes to capture some newer sounds that will appeal to audiences of all ages.

All their work may be found at as well as their website,

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