THE SILVERS Get Another GREAT Review

Digital Journal is just one of the outlets that has recently reviewed our latest release, “Oceans”, which is available on Revlis Records in both digital download and on CD.

“With their newest release, ‘Oceans’, The Silvers deliver relatable music that regales the audience with tunes that provide them with solace in hard times

The Silvers is a new up-and-coming band that produces music that comes straight from the heart. Their new album is known for taking the listeners on a journey of self-reflection by targeting emotions that everyone else feels with ease and finesse. It is this type of music that makes the audience both think and feel in a way that rock music just doesn’t anymore. The band has worked diligently to elevate this musical genre by making it all-encompassing, pushing the bounds of what can be included and what cannot. This rising new band is the passion project of Dain Bedford-Pugh on guitars and vocals, Carl Upthegrove on drums and percussion, and Mick Orton on bass, piano, and vocals. 

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