“Out Of This World” By THE SILVERS Still Going Strong

We just released our new album, “Oceans”, and it is now available for download or in CD format from Revlis Records.

“Back To Basics” is also available along with all our past releases. “Out Of This World”, is on the “Back To Basics” album and is also an animated cartoon featured on AKADEMIA’s portal for the Platinum Cities Video site listed at #78 for the Rock/Pop selections!

Here’s the review originally done back in May of 2011:

Overall Impression: Veteran rockers The Silvers have joined forces to turn out a new album, and release their newly remastered track Out Of This World. Opening with a crunchy guitar lick over a moderately quick tempo, Out Of This World shows signs of life in the form of classic rock n’ roll. Front man Mick Orton sings colloquially with a confident presence and a touch of wit. Lyrically, the tune raises a middle finger to those out of their mind who drive us crazy. A killer guitar solo rips through the tune’s atmosphere before the final verse. Overall, Out Of This World by The Silvers shows that these experienced rockers still got it, and can jam with the best of them.

Strongest Point(s): 
The tune avoids having a cut and dried chorus by changing the lyrics slightly each time. It’s a nice touch that keeps listeners focused on the lyrics, while still being able to sing along.

Target Audience Appeal: Fans of classic rock & roll will enjoy Out Of This World by The Silvers.

Artist target suggestions: The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Clash, Led Zeppelin, The Monkees, The Doors, The Kinks, The Eagles, Brooklyn Bridge, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Birds, The Yardbirds, The Everly Brothers

About The Reviewer: Zachary Larson is a professional touring guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. Getting his start in high school rock bands, he has since toured internationally as a classical chamber musician, in the show band onboard luxury cruise lines, and with the Broadway musical Finding Neverland. His recorded work spans from classical works and jazzy holiday tunes, to mind-bending experimental music. His arrangements of orchestral music are published through Clear Note Publications. Classically trained, he holds a Master of Music degree from the University of Denver.

Note: “Out Of This World” will be the 2nd installment of the 3 part animated video series on YouTube’s “Silvers Surf City” episode called “Up, Out & Back”.

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