February 2022 Newsletter from The Silvers

The Silvers – Mick, Steve, Dain and Carl

Happy Valentine’s month, Friends!

We are happy to report that we have been fast at work on a new album. Mick is planning a trip back to California in the middle of March to rehearse the new songs with the rest of the guys. More on our progress in coming months.

Our song, “Out Of This World” from the “Back To Basics” album (which is available on Revlis Records along with other cool merchandise) is being considered for an upcoming movie, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”, due out in 2023. We know it’s a long shot, but we’ll take any good news!

Reminder that “Keep On Believing” is still promised to be in the 2022 release of Louie and Milo Gibson’s movie, “Manifest West”, so watch for it.

Other than that, have a safe and happy Valentine’s Day with that special someone.

Thanks for your support,


Dain, Steve, Carl and Mick

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