January 2022 Newsletter From The SILVERS

Dain, Mick, Steve and Carl with our dwarf amplifiers!

Hello friends and Happy New Year!

We’re a little late, but The Silvers (Dain, Steve, Carl and Mick) are here to tell you about our latest happenings.

URGNET NEWS: WOA says, “We have some great news! ‘Out Of This World’ has started showing movement in the American iTunes Charts! Please start pushing the song to your fans and get as many friends and family to go to the iTunes Store, not Apple Music, in their phone or iPad and download the song to help the charts right now and get you even higher up!”

URGENT NEWS: AKADEMIA says, “We are pleased to inform you that you’ve been officially nominated by the Akademia executive team for The Akademia 2022 Outstanding Legacy Award, a special honor being bestowed upon those artists whose musical legacy is deemed timeless and important to future generations.”

Other news: WOA International has requested many copies of our “Back To Basics” album for radio stations all over the world.

Watch for our song, “Keep On Believing” which will be featured in a Milo and Louie Gibson (Mel’s sons) movie called “Manifest West” due out this year!

Now time for a shameless plug: that album is available for sale at www.revlisrecords.com for download or on CD along with our earlier albums and EPs. We also have music available at www.bandcamp.com/thesilversmusic.

Also being considered is a 15 to 20 minute podcast from the group on www.Mixcloud.com/thesilversmusic hosted by Mick to complement our newsletter. It will feature music from the Silvers as well as audio clips of the band members themselves. We’ll talk about all sorts of things, so watch for that. Coming in February or March if we decide to do it.

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone on N1M.com for your kind words. Our new profile name has changed to be consistent with our other social media accounts meaning we may be found at www.n1m.com/thesilversmusic.

That’s it for this month.


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