The Silvers Newsletter – November 2021

From Carl,

Hi everyone this is Carl the drummer and random percussionist for The Silvers here with some November news. As you may already know by now our new CD and  album for download, “Back To Basics”, is coming available December 1.

We have switched record labels, but Revlis Records will go live and have all of our music available at the end of this month. Our web site,, will have more information soon.

The physical CD of “Back To Basics” will be available for purchase as well as digital streaming and downloads on your favorite sites (Pandora, Apple iTunes, etc.).

Early reviews are coming in and we are very excited that they are quite favorable.  And we are easily excited J!  Seriously, we are very proud of the album and are eager to hear from you, our fans, when you’ve listened to it.

That’s it from me for now.  Enjoy our music and have a great holiday season.

From Mick,

Well folks, another month has gone by with HUGE changes for the band. Although I’ve moved to Tucson (the place Jo Jo left in “Get Back”) I am still in touch with the other guys back in California. We even had a Zoom meeting Monday evening to discuss what’s up next. So we will start working on a new LP.

Our new 11 song album, “Back To Basics”, will be officially released December 1, but can be pre-ordered at CD Baby. We’re very proud to have 3 vocalists in the group. And Dain, Steve and I all took turns singing lead on different songs including 2 written by Dain.

Just to let you know, we had originally intended the album to be on vinyl (thus the 11 song lineup as we were limited to 22 minutes a side). But with the shortage of PVC, production times would have set us back 6 to 9 months so we opted for CD again.

Before I close I need to give a shout out to Dain who did all the album’s artwork. Thanks to him, you’ll have a nice CD cover and label to look at!

From Dain:

As the nights get longer, and the temperatures drop (not so much for me – after six years of being a US resident, I’m trying to keep my English blood thick and stubbornly wearing shorts in the fall!) we’re so happy that you’ll be able to cozy up with some great music in the form of our new album ‘Back To Basics’. We’re really excited for you to be able to listen to the new material!

We’ve been discussing what’s next for The Silvers – we have a couple of new songs from Mick (written by Orton-Kelley) to learn, with contributions from Steve and myself in the pipeline as well. We look forward to getting together to play those, and to put our heads together about the next album!

From Steve:

I have always wanted to cut an original album. I dreamed of the day that this would happen. Everybody that I usually played with wanted to play covers and that’s good to but to create something from just a few ideas and then carrying them through to a bona fide album is priceless. The coming together of the Silvers and the forming of relationships and musical arrangements was magical.

At times we faltered with our lack of perfection, but always making that commitment to try it one more time with more feeling or less as I came to realize. The changes in effects or lack of them, all contributed toward achieving a workable mix that we could lay down in the studio. Then to have it all come alive on a CD with our names on it was heaven. My biggest joy is having my children and grandchildren tell their friends that my dad of granddad made this with a group of dedicated friends who just wanted something new, something fresh and something as close to perfect as possible. My thanks to all of you who listen to this and to the band that mad all of this possible The Silvers Band. And God thank you for the gift of music.

In The News:

  • Barnes & Noble retail outlets will have the December issue of “SHINDIG! Magazine” where The Silvers have a full page ad to accompany the review of “Back To Basics” in the Reviews Now section which coincides with the album’s December 1 release.
  • “Relix” Magazine’s December issue will be available from their website and will feature a ¼ page ad promoting the new album.
  • “Jingle In My Heart” will be included in a special WOA Christmas compilation album.
  • CDs of all music by The Silvers on LPs and EPs will be available December 1 for purchase on the new website!

That’s it for this, month, Kids! Be sure and put your email in the “Follow The Silvers via Email” on the right margin of our home page in order to get an email alert every time we post!

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