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The Silvers New `Back to Basics” Album lands December 1

When Captain Kirk can literally go to outer space, but complexities of living on Earth in the twenty twenties confound and bewilder even the best of us, the Silvers have withstood the test of time. The group, originally called Silver Laughter, has hiked through numerous peaks and valleys on an increasingly treacherous musical landscape with a prolific discography that could easily lend tracks to a soundtrack for the crazy times we inhabit. Timeless in their approach, the Silvers have a clear message for us in their new eleven-track album, aptly named “Back to Basics.”

The message? It’s a revival of simple kindness, nostalgia somehow free of naiveté, unrelenting (yet tempered) positivity, good humor, and of course good fun. In this arena, serious modern bands aren’t able to ignore the Beatles’ ever-reigning influence, specifically where concepts like peace are concerned. However, it’s more challenging to extract from the Beatles influence what’s truly needed to smelt out a precious metal like The Silvers. The hippy vibe, while comforting to some, can be off-putting to others, which is perhaps why a track like “Stay With Me (This is the Place to Be),” and its corresponding animated music video, invites newcomers to the bizarre yet (mostly) friendly world of Silvers Surf City- the band’s cartoon universe. The fun, nostalgic track “Out of this World” also premiers with an unusual animated music video blending our live action world with the animated one.

Back to Basics leads with “Gravity,” an erstwhile-sounding track with a live feel. The album includes catchy tracks like “Nothing Left to Say” and “Stand Up” (video below). Other tracks like the dreamy “Try a Little Kindness” and “Peace” somehow extoll those virtues without falling into the all-too-common trap of sounding preachy.

Back to Basics is not some retread of old counter-culture ideals, but a fresher, earnest call to return to a more universally appealing and purer form of those ideals. That said, Back to Basics is a must for anyone who can appreciate the fundamental magic music has to change our world for the better.

“Stand Up” may be heard here –

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