THE SILVERS Still Going Strong in Paris


Dear Silvers,

We are pleased to inform you that your live performance video for ‘Stand Up’ has been added to Akademia Live Paris, serving France’s most renowned cultural center and music market. This placement will put your live act in front of an entirely new group of potential fans and live music lovers. Here is the link to Akademia Live Paris:

To find us, look at the graphic for this post. Right next to the title inside the rectangle there are three lines with a right arrow at the bottom which gives you access to the playlist. The Zoom version of The Silvers performing “Stand Up” may be found at selection #11 on the list. We also have entries at #80 for Silvers Surf City Episode 1 which features an edited version of “Who Do You Think You Are?” which is about to be added to our live set. And the “Blame It On Love” animated video may be seen at #121.

Thank you, Dain Bedford-Pugh for doing the Zoom video editing. And thanks to Drew Youngs for making all three songs broadcast ready. And Randyl Bishop and Juan Carlos Quattordio get the credit for the animation. We hope you enjoy them!

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