THE SILVERS Headed Into The Studio – November 2!

There has not been a lot of news about the band during the month of October. However, The Silvers are currently rehearsing 4 new songs which will be recorded at Earthwire Studios in a couple of days. On Monday, November 2, 3 of the 4 will be included on the 14 song album next year entitled “Back To Basics”. Songs to be recorded are:

  1. Lonely Little Christmas Tree (will not be on the album, but will be included on WOA Record’s Independent No.1’s Christmas Special, Vol.6)
  2. Nothing Left To Say (featuring Dain on lead vocals)
  3. Try A Little Kindness (featuring Steve on lead vocals)
  4. Out Of This World (featuring Mick on lead vocals)

Engineering, mixing and mastering will be handled by Drew Youngs!

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