“After The Laughter” Still Rocks!

Today I was adding our albums to Bandcamp.com, and I started with our very first album, “After The Laughter” (on Genterine Records) which featured Ricky Zero, Tom Kelley, Glenn Stone and me. I have to say I think there are some really great tunes on there!

Ken Wiles and I wrote most of them when we arrived in Northern California after the demise of Silver Laughter in 1979 (not to mention our short lived duo, Double Shot). And Tom Kelley and I revived two from our collaboration in TODD Beat Group in 1968. So with Ricky Zero’s two contributions, it makes for a solid listening collection of fourteen songs that have a somewhat punk/new wave feel to them.

At the time we were using home recordings and having them put together by engineer, Kevin Jarvis, long distance then mastered by Chris Griffin. It has a very raw feeling to it, but there’s some good stuff there of which I am proud to have been part.

Mick Orton

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