Introducing Carl Upthegrove of THE SILVERS!

Here is a brief history of THE SILVERS’ newest member, Drummer Carl Upthegrove.

Carl’s musical experiences span nearly his entire life from family gatherings in his youth through school band, drum corp., and teenage bands up to his current association with The Silvers.

He has played all types of music, but his musical tastes lean toward, jazz, classic rock, R&B and soul.

Carl’s musical influences are very wide ranging.  They include big band swing, early rock & roll, Motown, surf music, the British bands of the 1960s, the San Francisco sound of the 60s and 70s, the American songbook, as well as jazz, and blues from nearly all eras.

He began playing drums in grade school in a suburb of Sacramento CA. where he was a member of The Evaders who won a special Battle of the Bands award the Sacramento State Fair in 1964.  After his family relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area he continued playing.  After he married and moved to Southern California, he formed a band with a guitar player he met while working and a keyboard player from a local music store.  After playing around the L.A. area for a couple of years Carl became a father and put his treasured drum set in storage to return to school and help raise his family.

After his family was grown and he had more time he returned to music and has since played in several groups in the Bay Area.  Carl joined The Silvers in early 2020 after being recommended by another friend, Steve Farac, who had also joined the band.

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  1. Nice idea, presenting the new members…

  2. Anne, thanks. It actually was Carl’s idea to have each of us write a short autobiography. – Mick

  3. Carl, I don’t know why I thought of you, perhaps the unusual last name. I was a band member with you in the Evaders when we won the Battle of the Bands award at the state fair. Ray Stechman on lead and his sister Jane on vocals. I think maybe Johnny Griffith was also in the band.Nice to hear you are still playing drums. I dabble with my guitar.
    Best to you.
    Jeff Skiljan

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