Ferry Cross The Mersey in Liverpool

The Beatles - a bit taller than real life!

The Beatles – a bit taller than real life!

Just a quick note after going to dinner. It’s 6:35 PM here in Liverpool. Janis and I had Italian food at a nearby restaurant on Bold Street.

Earlier today we wanted to take the Ferry across the Mersey. On our way to get tickets, we came across these statues of the Fab Four in bronze along the pier.

Ferry Across The Mersey

Ferry Across The Mersey

Birkenhead is across the river from Liverpool where we made two stops, then a final one at Albert Dock in Liverpool. This is the boat that took us on a 50 minute cruise on the Mersey. And every time they stopped guess what song they played?

Don’t worry, I have a lot more to tell about the day trip on the Fab Four Taxi Tour.


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