Day 4 – Now Here Is Something That Relates to Both Silver Laughter and THE SILVERS! UPDATE 8/29/2016

Abbey Road

Abbey Road

Today we spent the morning on the hop on/hop off bus in London and Westminster. My mission was to see Abbey Road and what they call the “zebra” crossing where the cover for the album, Abbey Road, was taken. A very nice woman named Lucy picked us up when we asked for directions to Abbey Road and gave us a ride to the spot!

The crossing is at the corner of a three way intersection which has a monument in the little round about (they love their round abouts here!) so there were two possible crossings from which to choose.

Mick crossing Abbey Road

Mick crossing Abbey Road

Refreshing my memory of the album cover from one they had in the Abbey Road Studios gift shop I found the correct cross walk.

Of course… there were a dozen or more other people crossing that same place getting their picture taken. As you can see, some of the trees have changed a bit, and there are new white zig-zag markings in the street.

MIck in front of the studio entrance

Mick in front of the Abbey Road studio entrance

The history about The Beatles photo said the photographer took the shot while standing on a scaffold on the island of the round about, and they stopped traffic for the event. Since Janis didn’t want to get run over, she stood on the curb and shot the photo of me instead.

Looking down the road on the left side of the album cover you can see people in white just outside the Abbey Road Studio gates. Today, they are working on the grounds, if not in the building itself. So you can see a white construction truck about that same place in my picture.

Mick in Abbey Road gift shop

Mick in Abbey Road gift shop

Standing outside the gate of the studio, you can see I am partially covering the debris cans. I just saw the arrow pointing to the gift shop entrance.

We managed to get people to give way so the third photo could be taken of me inside the shop. The only thing I saw there that I wanted was a right handed version of Paul’s Hofner bass; a reissue donated by George Martin’s son, Giles. But, sadly, it wasn’t for sale.

Note: After reaching Liverpool, I got a chance to find out that the new squiggly lines were added several years ago in the street to designate pedestrian crossings and make where no cars can park or stand.

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