Mick Orton of The Silvers Performs A Cover of The Eagles – “One Of These Nights” in 1976 With Silver Laughter

Mick Orton from a promo photo of  Silver Laughter 1976

Mick Orton from a promo photo of Silver Laughter 1976

“One Of These Nights”

Click on the link above to hear the 1976 Silver Laughter lineup perform this tune by The Eagles.

While we were on the road, we didn’t get a lot of chances to hear new music, at least early on. With personnel changes, we were always scrambling for material to fill up the space. And since we had all been in bands previous to this, we chose from songs we already knew and could cobble together quickly to fill the 4 to 5 hours of performance time.

I remember this well. One evening one of our friends from Worthington, a little blonde girl named Nancy, came up to us during a break at the Valhalla Ballroom in Slayton, MN and suggested we learn this song by The Eagles. She said she thought it sounded very much like my singing voice. Once we heard it (Kim, our drummer LOVED The Eagles anyway) we quickly learned it and added it to our set.

I have to apologize for the quality of this somewhat muffled clip, but so far, it is the only recording I have found on the copious material that our sound and light man, Carl Frisch, sent me. Even so, I think it is a pretty good cover of this song. How I long to have that falsetto back!

Lineup for this cut: Mick Orton (now in The Silvers) on bass and lead vocal, Jon Ludtke on rhythm guitar and vocals, Ken Wiles on lead guitar and vocals and Kim Ludtke on drums and vocals. (A singing drummer, who would have thought? We had TWO! Kim and Paul Staack!)

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