1976 Performance of an Ace Song, “How Long” by Silver Laughter

Ken Wiles of Silver Laughter - 1976

Ken Wiles of Silver Laughter – 1976

“How Long”

Click on the link above to hear Ken Wiles sing this Ace song performed by the 1976 version of Silver Laughter, not long after Ken had joined the band. The announcing at the beginning is Jon Ludtke.

Ken is on lead vocal with the rest of the band (Jon, Kim and Mick) joining in on backup and harmonies. I apologize in advance for the quality of the track, but our engineer who converted the cassettes to CD had big problems with this particular tape. However, since I haven’t found this material anywhere else (so far) I wanted to give it a shot. It is a little muffled, but I hope listeners can get past the quality.

From what I was told, David (the engineer doing the transfers) had to pour alcohol on the tape as it advanced in order to get it to play. I have no doubt there was lots of smoke and dust on the media from all those evenings in the smoky nightclubs so many years ago!

The lineup on the next few submissions will be Jon Ludtke on rhythm guitar and vocals, Ken Wiles on lead guitar and vocals, Kim Ludtke on drums and vocals and Mick Orton on bass and vocals (sometimes piano).

Again I must apologize for using the same pictures of this quartet over and over, but not that many photos of the band with this lineup exist.

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