Music Emphasized This Week! Silver Laughter, The Contents Are: and The Silvers Updates!

Relix Gift!

Relix Gift!

The Silvers: We got a little gift from our representative at Relix, in whose publication and on whose compilation CD we will be appearing next month. Unfortunately, I am not sure how I can share this with the rest of the boys, but it was a nice little box of Sweethearts! I guess I made a good impression!

Silver Laughter: Carl Frisch sent me 14 cassette tapes of various live performances which I should have in a week or so. I mentioned this before, but they are in Ohio in the process of being transferred to CD as we speak! David at DLF Music has the honors of doing the work.

The Contents Are: I was contacted by guitarist, Craig Hute, yesterday about a possible deal to release a NEW album of songs that were recorded in Pekin, IL at Golden Voice Studios along with some cuts from our demo we did at Columbia Studios in Chicago back in 1969! Craig got two offers from two very different companies to do CD and/or vinyl releases on a 40 minute album! Performers on these songs feature two Silver Laughter members, drummer Paul Staack and bassist Mick Orton (now with The Silvers), along with guitarists Craig Hute and Dave Neumann.

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