“After The Laughter” Album by The Silvers is Finished!

Ricky Zero Mastering "After The Laughter" 18 Feb 2016

Ricky Zero Mastering “After The Laughter” 18 Feb 2016

Are we really finished!?  Yes, we are!  After months of hard work, mastering of “After The Laughter” album by The Silvers was just completed by the world famous mastering engineer Chris Griffin!

Mastering is the final stage of recording an album.  It polishes up the final sound once everything has been recorded and mixed.  Now that we’ve completed this step, it’s on to manufacturing!

We’re all very proud of the work we have done and can’t wait for all of you to hear “After The Laughter!”  The album is scheduled to be released in March by Genterine Records!


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