Silver Laughter Covers Buffalo Springfield’s “Four Days Gone” – 1976

Buffalo Springfield

Buffalo Springfield

“Four Days Gone”

Click on the link above to hear this live recording. Members of Silver Laughter for this performance were : Jon and Kim Ludtke, Mick Orton and Ken Wiles who sings lead.

It has been so long (almost 40 years!) since this tune was recorded in the Teen Tent at the Mississippi Valley Fair….. right around 1976. It is another clip from Steve Elliott’s TEAC 4 track machine.

Quite frankly, I had forgotten we ever did this song. It was written by Stephen Stills (top left) who later formed Crosby, Stills & Nash (and Young, even later).

I think I mentioned it before on this site, but Jon and I used to go to concerts at the Masonic Temple in Davenport, and we attended one where Buffalo Springfield was on the bill with (I think it was) The Young Rascals. Jon would remember better than I would.

Anyway, we thought one of the members was Buffalo, and thought it probably was the guy whom we later found out was Neil Young (top right). I guess the sideburns and fringe jacket threw us off!

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