Lyrics and a Little Story Behind “What Are You, Christmas?” by The Silvers

And Now, The Silvers

And Now, The Silvers

Christmas has always been a tough time for me after Silver Laughter broke up, and Ken and I moved to California. Maybe it’s because I did some of my best (or worst, depending on your point of view) drinking around Christmas in 1989. Basically, I missed the holiday!

So this little song has lyrics that, with a lot of help from Ricky, sort of surmises how I feel about this time of year. After I got the little piano hook, the song started to take shape. Here are the lyrics to our FREE download!

“What Are You, Christmas?”

If you’re not about the tree,
Or the presents underneath,
What about the snowflakes on the ground?

You keep trying to get to me,
Even though I disagree,
Every year you keep on coming round.

What are you Christmas?
If you’re not all these things?
Please tell me what the season brings.

If it’s not the carols sung,
Or the church bells being rung,
What about the lights up on the eaves?

If it’s not the snowman’s smile,
Or of Santa traveling miles,
What about the tinsel on the trees?

What are you Christmas?
If you’re not what you seem?
Please tell me what does Christmas mean?

Memories of childhood days,
Flooding back in faded waves,
Thinking ’bout the joys of Christmas past.

Maybe it’s about good cheer,
At this special time of year,
When family and friends are here at last.

That’s what is Christmas,
The feeling in the air.
The love that we find everywhere…    everywhere…

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