The Beatles, A Big Influence on both Silver Laughter and The Silvers

Tribute To The BeatlesBeatles 1963 Christmas Recording

Click on the link above to hear a 5 minute recording The Beatles did for their fan club at Christmas back in 1963. They did one as a group for each year up through 1969. Some of it is very funny, especially if you listen really carefully!

Jon used clips of this and other years’ recordings as segues from one set into another during our Beatles Tribute. While Paul, John, George or Ringo were talking, we would switch instruments; Jon from 6 string to 12 string and back, Ken from guitar to bass and back and me from bass to piano and back, depending on which period we were covering. Paul or Kim, as drummers, didn’t have to do anything as I recall.

And imagine film of the boys running on one side of the stage while a chronological slide show ran non-stop on the other. It was really a very clever way to keep the audience engaged during our 50 minute set while we were switching around onstage. Every once in awhile one of the projectors would have a problem and it would be up to Glenn or Carl to fix the problem. (Little did I know that 35 years later I would be in The Silvers with Glenn!)

Art designed the artwork seen here as part of a large brochure he did for Silver Laughter. He really gave us some top notch marketing materials which included t-shirts and bumper stickers!

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