Page 1 of the August, 1978 Silver Laughter Newsletter

Newsletter - 1978 - August - page 1

Newsletter – 1978 – August – page 1

Some of this is actually kind of funny though much of it is pretty silly. As you can read, our second album had just been released and was already in some stores. I’m sure Art worked very hard on these newsletters. Remember, this was all done on a typewriter; word processors had not yet been invented!

In the opening remarks, Jon talks about the wedding anniversaries of Mort and Mary Jane (my parents) and Gage and Marjorie (Ken’s parents). And later on he mentions the gifts of stuffed animals that started showing up on stage. These were given to us by young ladies who came to see the band (one of them may be seen in the inset below next to Paul on Jon’s amplifier).

Also mentioned in the newsletter is Brian Boylan of MCA Records which makes me wonder; is this the A&R guy we met in New York? I was almost positive it was a guy from Atlantic Records, but I could be mistaken. (Imagine that!)

Paul and Friend

Paul and Friend


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