“Let ’em In” – McCartney and Wings Song Covered by Silver Laughter

Silver Laughter 1978 - Jon, Mick, Paul and Ken

Silver Laughter 1978 – Jon, Mick, Paul and Ken

“Let ’em In”

Click on the link above to hear our cover of the song by Paul McCartney and Wings. For this part of the set, Ken switched to bass and Mick to piano. The two of us (and maybe Jon) whistle the piccolo parts and play kazoo on the horn parts. At the end of that bit Ken would drop the kazoo from his mouth into my hand which I would put down and continue playing piano which always cracked us up for some reason.

Mick is singing lead with Ken and Jon helping on backups. It was recorded in 1978 at The Ranch & Company with the same lineup of musicians that are in this 1978 outtake from the Des Moines photo session.

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