Silver Laughter Legacy – The Eddie Bergquist Trio!

Eddie Bergquist Trio - Mick, Dave and Ed

Eddie Bergquist Trio – Mick, Dave and Ed

Here is a little photo from a group I was in not all that long ago. Ed (the guy on the right) put together a little jazz trio with me on bass, Dave Dewey on drums and Ed on guitar. We played once a week at Strawberry Joe’s in Mill Valley and is where the infamous “Gregg Allman” incident took place!

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  1. Dave played in a band of mine in the mid 90s and we recorded an album together at that time. I’d love to reconnect with him but no longer have contact information. Any chance my email can be shared with him? Many thanks!!

    • Bill,

      I am sorry, but I have not seen or heard from Dave in a LONG time. Last time I talked to him he was moving north to either Oregon or Washington. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. – Mick

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