Silver Laughter Booking Schedule from 1977

1977 Booking Schedule jan. - April

1977 Booking Schedule Jan. – April

As you can see from the document this was for band use only because it had what we were being paid by the various clubs. For example, The Red Bull in Norfolk, NE paid us $1,450 in 1977 for 6 nights. That calculates out to a little over $5,600 in 2015.

First we would deduct any expenses for the week (food, gas, etc.), and then divide the rest between 5 people (remember, Carl received an equal share for his contribution) it probably calculated out to about $1,000 (in 2015) each for 6 night’s of work. We weren’t getting rich, but we weren’t starving either.

Sometimes we came close to that for just one night at the Valhalla Ballroom in Slayton, MN. There we had a little more of a gamble as there was a small guarantee or a percentage of the gate. We always did really well there and other ballrooms! These venues always drew our fans from towns around the area who had heard us in some of the clubs we played.

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