Silver Laughter and the IRRMA Concert

Singing The Beatles

Singing The Beatles

Today I was listening to the concert we did at the IRRMA Hall of Fame Ceremony back in August of 2014 which I happen to have on video. Thanks to Paul’s son-in-law the entire 25 minute set is in my possession.

After listening to it, I was a little disappointed at the missed notes, occasional flat parts and mistakes. But considering we hadn’t been together in over 35 years, it was really pretty good.

Our hope is that we can get recognized in the South Dakota R&R Hall of Fame as an Out of State Band so we can do it one more time. I think I would suggest to the boys that we do the same set. Our voices have had a chance to warm up so the second time through would be easier!

Mick and Mark during Revolution solo

Mick and Mark during Revolution solo

Anyway, here are some more photos of that evening.

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  1. Put some of the video/audio up so we can enjoy, please?

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