Update to a December 2012 Silver Laughter Post!

Beatles Gear

Beatles Gear

Back in December of 2012 when this site was just a little over a month old, I posted a story about my early days in music along with some band history. In the story I talked about how I used to tune my strings down to play bass on my 6 string guitar and how Ken used  to make fun of me for doing it. (Excerpt follows…)

…When I finally warmed up to the Beatles, I think they had just released “Rubber Soul”, so I was way behind the curve. The good news? There was a lot of older material to listen to and learn. Paul was always my favorite, so, naturally, I wanted to play bass. Ken can confirm this but I used to tune my first 4 strings down on my 6 string guitar to play bass! He still kids me about it to this day…

Well, as it turns out, I recently bought a book called “Beatles Gear”, and in chapter 4 Paul McCartney talks about how he turned his 6 string guitar into a bass (before he bought the genuine article) by tuning down the strings! He also talks about how they used to steal piano strings to use on their bass guitars because the real thing was so expensive!

Anyway, I feel vindicated since it certainly puts me in good company! Of course, this doesn’t mean Ken will ever stop teasing me about the event which happened so long ago!

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