Silver Laughter Plays Spirit of St. Louis

Spirit of St. Louis 1976

Spirit of St. Louis 1976

On January 26, I posted a newsletter from 1976 that has a reference Jon made about a friend having Hepatitis. That was me. I have shared that story before about having to lay down in the studio to play my parts for “Handle With Care”, I felt so bad.

Well, somehow, we ended up playing (either before or after) the Warrensburg recording session, at a place called The Spirit of St. Louis (located in Mt. Joy which is just a few miles north of Davenport, IA) in April of 1976. If memory serves, I got to feeling so badly after that job that I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Hepatitis B (gotten from a blood transfusion years earlier… details in my Viet Nam story on the site).

As a result all the people I had been close with during that incubation time had to go and get gamma globulin shots. It made me very popular, as you can guess.

This card was printed for us by Jon and Kim’s dad, John Ludtke, to pass out and help promote our upcoming engagement at the club. I remember the place had a large (7-8 foot replica) of the airplane that Lindbergh flew hanging over the stage and dance floor. We were all afraid it would come down and kill someone!

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