When We Were Young – Silver Laughter Around 1975

Silver Laughter - Carl, Kim, Jon, Ken and Mick

Silver Laughter – Carl, Kim, Jon, Ken and Mick

The t-shirts were made for us by Jon and Kim’s dad, John. This was probably before Art got into the t-shirt making business! As you can see, Ken NEVER wore t-shirts. He was hung up on western shirts with the pear buttons for a long time. Then one day his tastes changed, and he moved on to something else.

When asked why he wasn’t wearing cowboy shirts anymore he would say, “I’ve gone through that stage.” I am not sure if it was a pun or not (stage – stage coach – cowboy – western), but I wouldn’t put it past him.

According to Carl who submitted this picture, a young lady named Becky shot this for us.

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