Three Photos from Silver Laughter History

Denny @ Mary's party

Denny @ Mary’s party

Early on when Silver Laughter had just started on the road, the five piece band included Denny Walton on guitar and blues harp. Here is a photo of him at a party for someone called Mary. I think several shots from that event were posted before.

Mick and Kim early photo

Mick and Kim early photo

Second is a picture of Mick and Kim onstage at some venue. This was before I moved to the other side of the stage.

Hackett's Hideaway

Hackett’s Hideaway

Hackett’s Hideaway was another one of those fun places to play in Yankton, SD even if it wasn’t one of the classier ones. Witness the photo Carl took of some guy who passed out during the evening near the sound and light table.

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