Performance Photos of Silver Laughter

Paul the huckster

Paul the huckster

Here are three photos featuring the band around 1977-78. They are not all from the same venue, but there are clues that they were taken around the same time, i.e. hair, mustaches, etc.

The first one shows Paul who was always our huckster for our merchandise which included t-shirts, albums, 45’s, etc. If possible, he would always hang shirts and albums up on the wall behind him so that he could make the pitch as we were closing out a set. This must have been before “Sailing On Fantasies” was released.

Ken and Mick between sets

Ken and Mick between sets

Between sets we would wander the room in search of a 1) drink, 2) friends to sit with, 3) single girls to chat up… Here we see Ken and Mick on the prowl. This looks like it could have been taken at Cheever’s in Worthington, MN, but I can’t be sure. Maybe someone else can help identify the venue. Those are definitely ’70’s haircuts!

Jon on the Rickenbacker

Jon on the Rickenbacker

Rickenbacker guitars helped us make our Beatles Tribute sound authentic. The third photo shows Jon wailing away on a vocal, not necessarily during the Beatles set, but with that beautiful guitar just the same.

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