A Christmas Present From Silver Laughter – “No One Can Do It”

Silver Laughter 1976 - Ken, Mick, Paul and Jon

Silver Laughter 1976 – Ken, Mick, Paul and Jon

“No One Can Do It”

In the spirit of Christmas on Christmas Eve we would like to present this Silver Laughter track. Click the link above to hear the third song on the “Handle With Care” album from 1976. New subscribers will appreciate not having to search through our archives to find our music!

The photo is another from the Worthington series that Art “Smart” took right after Paul joined the band. Too bad Ken’s eyes were closed. It’s a nice picture.

I realized the other day that the reason many of these photos are fuzzy is probably the fact that I didn’t have the negative in the JPG converter perfectly, not because Art’s hand wasn’t steady. But there were so many negatives to transfer that I probably rushed through the process too much.

Mick Orton


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