Early Silver Laughter Photos

These are very early Silver Laughter pictures that Carl sent me. Some of them have been posted elsewhere on this site. The first two are from the band shell down at the park on the levee in Davenport. From left onstage are Jon Ludtke, Kim Ludtke, Steve Elliott and John Carstensen.

The second two are possibly during a rehearsal at the Ludtke home.

Band shell - Jon (sort of), Kim and Steve

Band shell – Jon, Kim & Steve

Band shell - Kim, Steve and John

Band shell – Kim, Steve & John

Kim Ludtke

Kim Ludtke

Steve Elliott

Steve Elliott

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  1. I know for sure the first two band on stage pictures are not at the “Band Shell” in LeClaire Park in Davenport, Iowa. I believe those two pictures could have been taken at Dance Land in Davenport.

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