A Couple More Pictures from the Silver Laughter IRRMA Induction

Black Room

Black Room

This first photo shows the black room at the Sami Bedell Center where all the bands were sent to while the awards ceremony was taking place. As IRRMA went through the list, each group was escorted to the stage so the plaques could be distributed. On the far left, you can see my right shoulder in the yellow shirt. Next with the black beret is Kim Ludtke. Next to my right is Paul Staack, and to his right and up closer to the screen is Jon Ludtke. The picture on the screen indicates this was during the naming of Paul McCartney for his lifetime achievement award.

IRRMA Ceremony

IRRMA Ceremony

Second is one of Silver Laughter walking off the stage after receiving our plaques. It looks like Mark was not quite ready to go. From left: Mark, Mick, Jon, Kim and Paul.

Mick Orton


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  1. Thats right I was not ready to go, and I took that picture and the others in the “Black Room”.

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