Revisit of Silver Laughter’s Booking Calendar for November 1978

November 1978 Calendar

November 1978 Calendar

The first week of November had us finishing up a week at the Kongo Club in Mitchell, SD on a Sunday night. Monday and Tuesday we had off before Jon and I flew to New York to try and sell our two albums to a record company. We were there 5 days and pounded the pavement hitting every record company we could find in the Yellow Pages. As I have said before, the only personal contact we made was with an Atlantic Records A&R man with a British accent who told us we sounded too much like the Beatles. We lived on peanut butter sandwiches and fruit during our stay at a downtown Holiday Inn.

A day after returning, we played a place called The Captain’s Lounge, but I do not recall in which city it was located. It was a one night stand before we headed to the Kaiserhoff in New Ulm, MN. We played Tuesday through Saturday, and it was where we met “The Punk”, Glenn Stone, who helped with sound and lights.

We had Sunday off and then played Monday and Tuesday at Doc Holliday’s in Shakopee, MN (just outside Minneapolis) and probably was when we met Ruby Starr. The next night we played the Valhalla Ballroom in Slayton, MN then Thanksgiving a place that I can only identify as Bancroft for one night. Then Friday and Saturday were spent playing The Red Roof Ballroom. This is another venue that I have no recollection of where it was.

Then three days off before we started five nights (two of which finished up November) at a place called the Sportspage… Again, I do not remember in which city this venue was located.


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