Silver Laughter’s Sound and Light Man, Carl Frisch, Saves the Day!!!

Ken the incredible shrinking man

Ken the incredible shrinking man

In the mail today, I got two CDs of scans that Carl put together for the history of Silver Laughter and our website. It is truly amazing how many memories these photos bring back. One post has already gone up today, but this one deserves a special note. Here’s what Carl said in a Read-me file that accompanied the photos:

“If I had to guess, most of these performing pictures were taken at The Red Bull, Cheever’s, or Donavon’s. [In the accompanying photo] after the changeover to piano Ken used to raise the mic stand [Note: Because he was using mine, and I am a lot shorter than he is]. This time he didn’t tighten it and during the next song it slowly, perhaps over one minute, slipped down with Ken following it. He didn’t miss a beat and simply followed it singing all the way down when I snapped this pic.”

Mick Orton

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