The First Four of Ten Days Until Silver Laughter’s IRRMA Induction Performance

Paul Staack at Rehearsal

Paul Staack at Rehearsal

I love it when a plan comes together… sort of. Upon arriving in Davenport Friday night, August 22, to rehearse for 5 days, I went to pick up my rental car. Since I was there I checked at the rental counter to see if Kim was due to arrive that same evening as well. The lady said he had called, and there was a problem with his connecting flight so he was stuck in Dallas. On his recommendation, I had booked my stay at Baywood Resorts in Davenport, so I headed to my motel for a good night’s sleep and planned on arriving at the rehearsal space Saturday morning.

Jon, Kim and QC Times Photographer

Jon, Kim and QC Times Photographer

Paul drove down on Friday too. In fact, he called me Friday as I sat in Denver waiting for my connecting flight to the Quad Cities where I told him I was “Half Way Out”. (It’s an old The Contents Are: inside joke.) Somehow, everyone arrived for rehearsal by noon on Saturday, August 23. It was a miracle of Biblical proportions!

I really don’t remember if the photographer from the Quad-City Times showed up on Saturday or Sunday, August 24, but there is a photo of him with Jon and Kim as he set up his equipment. That first day of rehearsal started out kind of rough, but as the evening wore on, it started coming together. The five of us really worked well together, even after all that time apart. Since some of the Silver Laughter songs had multiple overdubs or other instrumentation, we had to make some concessions.

Silver Laughter 2014 - Mick, Mark, Paul, Kim and Jon

Silver Laughter 2014 – Mick, Mark, Paul, Kim and Jon

Paul had to leave Monday afternoon, August 25 for home, but the rest of us continued into the evening working on rough spots. To be continued…

Mick Orton


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