Revisit of Silver Laughter’s Booking Calendar for August 1978

August 1978 calendar

August 1978 calendar

August 1978 was another pretty busy time for us though we did have a few days off in between jobs, and then a solid week off at the every end of the month.

The first week shows us finishing up on a job we started the last day of July at The Crown Colony… where ever that was! We had Sunday off then started 6 days at The Flame Room in Pierre, SD.

The next Sunday nigh we had off before starting a two week stay at The Crest Show Lounge (six nights each week, Monday through Saturday) in Carroll, IA. Little did we know that years later we would be back to be inducted into the IRRMA Hall of Fame just up the road in Arnolds Park!

The rest of the month we had time off (9 days) before starting a busy September!

Mick Orton

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