Revisit of Silver Laughter’s Booking Calendar for June 1978

June 1978-Silver Laughter calendar

June 1978-Silver Laughter calendar

Finally, a very busy month with only 5 days off! If you remember, we started the last day of May at a place called the Briarwood… sounds like the name of the club in Caddyshack! After 5 nights there, we headed directly to Doc Holliday’s in Shakopee, MN just outside of Minneapolis for 2 nights.

It must have been one heck of a drive the night we finished in Minneapolis because we started the very next night at The Ranch & Company in Port Byron, IL which is essentially the Quad Cities (close to Davenport… home!) for the next 5 nights.

With that Monday off we had time to drive all the way across the state of Iowa to get to our next job at The Red Bull in Norfolk, NE. We were there 6 nights before having the next 3 days off.

Our next stop was in Carroll, IA (close to where the IRRMA Headquarters is in Arnolds Park) and The County Seat where we had those photos taken with that darn hanging plant. We were there 4 nights before having another day off.

Finally, we finished up June with a stop at the Kongo Club in Mitchell, SD for 6 nights. Whew!

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