A Blast From The Past – Silver Laughter’s Carl Frish Checks In!!!

Carl Frisch - Sound and Lights

Carl Frisch – Sound and Lights

Tonight I was rehearsing our set for the IRRMA Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction concert, and when I finished, I looked at my e-mail. In my inbox was a note from our sound and light man, Carl Frisch. It was so nice to hear that he has been visiting the website and getting his memory jogged.

Carl was there through many of the band changes which included hall of fame inductees Jon and Kim Ludtke, Steve Elliott, Denny Walton, John Carstensen, Mark Zaputil, Ken Wiles, Paul Staack and me. In the end, his “tools” were much larger than the mixing board shown in the photo (provided courtesy of Steve Elliott).

He is living in New Mexico near Kim, is retired and is living with his life partner, Karen. Carl also reminded me of some of the CB “handles” we used when traveling, in his words, “Mr. Spock, The German, Conan, Howard the Duck, and the less imaginative, Carl.” Can you guess who was who?

Thanks for checking in, Carl, it’s great to hear from you!

Mick Orton

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