Countdown To Silver Laughter’s IRRMA Hall of Fame Induction

New Hofner

New Hofner

Some of you may have noticed the new ticker on the side bar with a countdown to the induction weekend. The Iowa R&R Hall of Fame weekend begins on August 29th and goes through to Sunday. I will be flying back to San Francisco on September 1 out of Sioux Falls afterward.

Up until then I am rehearsing with my new bass which I LOVE! It is so clean and clear (and light!) that it will be a pleasure to play onstage for the ceremony. My voice is stronger than ever. I have been very blessed!

Now my challenge is how to get my instrument to Davenport for the rehearsal week and then back home on Labor Day. My first thought was to FedEx it, but since the offices will be closed the Monday I leave, I am thinking of putting it in its case inside my golf bag. I don’t trust the case latches to hold with the way the baggage handlers toss around the luggage, and I am told I will not be able to take my bass as a carry on. One of my pilot buddies didn’t think it would even make it through security.

So these are my thoughts on a Monday morning as I work on the song list some more… Yes, we have selected the songs we will be performing, but you will have to wait t see what we have chosen for the induction concert.

Mick Orton


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