Silver Laughter LIVE – Cover Song “Sara Smile”!

Silver Laughter 1977 - Jon, Ken, Mick and Paul

Silver Laughter 1977 – Jon, Ken, Mick and Paul

I was going back through the archives and found this song. Since the Silver Laughter website is essentially about the band and its music, I wanted to bring this clip to the front again. It features Ken on the lead vocal and the rest of us on backups. I think it is an excellent version of the Hall and Oates tune.

This version of “Sara Smile” was edited and converted to MP3 for speedier download.

Note: Being from the Midwest, when I first heard the name of the band, I thought they were saying “Haulin’ Oats”.

The photo was taken in 1977 at The County Seat in Carroll, IA. It must have been before I found those platform “disco” boots in Minneapolis which made me almost 6′; closer to Jon and Ken’s height.

Mick Orton

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