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Silver Laughter - 1978: Ken, Jon, Mick and Paul in the front

Silver Laughter – 1978: Ken, Jon, Mick and Paul in the front

The Beatles were not the only group whose songs we performed in nightclubs. Back in late January of 2013, I posted this cover of Grand Funk Railroad’s “Some Kind of Wonderful” on which Jon and I trade lead vocals. It starts with my bass line (one of the few), but I think Jon called out the song order in those days. I sing the first verse, and Jon sings the second.

In the previous post, I put a publicity photo of Silver Laughter with Kim in the picture. But it was actually Paul who played on this version which was taken from the “now famous” Port Byron tapes recorded back in June of 1978. I have included one of the photos from the Rock Island shoot which was done in August of 1978. I think Paul was doing one of his “Aqualung” impersonations!

Here is another small world incident. I was at my daughter’s 33rd birthday dinner in a local restaurant, Aurora, on March 18th. My ex-wife, Sandy, was there and mentioned her brother now owns a dinner/nightclub place in Port Byron. It’s called The Shamrock, and may or may not be the same building where The Ranch and Company was. But at the same table was a family friend, Tony, who told us his friend had heard Silver Laughter at TJ’s which was before I joined the band!

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