Photo of Silver Laughter Just Standing Around

Silver Laughter - 1978 - Jon, Ken, Paul and Mick

Silver Laughter – 1978 – Jon, Ken, Paul and Mick

Here is a 1978 photo taken of Silver Laughter in Rock Island. Not much to say about this. I mentioned elsewhere that this is around the time right before Paul decided to leave the group which brought Kim back. Updated 3/22/14: It kind of reminds me of the Edgar Winter Group song, “Just Hanging Around” which we did learn and play once or twice before deciding to cover “Free Ride” instead.

Glenn Stone, our sound and light man during those last days, remarked recently in an e-mail to me, “I’ve been following your photo posts and I do remember that brown leather jacket you had as well as those boots Jon wore. It took him 20 minutes to lace up one of those bad boys!”

Of course, he was exaggerating about Jon’s boots, and I had to remind him… it was not my jacket!!!

Mick Orton

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