Silver Laughter with a Live Original in Port Byron “Rainbow”

Silver Laughter - 1978 - Ken, Jon, Mick and Paul.

Silver Laughter – 1978 – Ken, Jon, Mick and Paul.

Click here to listen to “Rainbow” live from a June 1978 performance. The song appears on the “Sailing on Fantasies” album.

My mom and dad loved this song, and it is Jon who dedicates it to them in this live Silver Laughter original from the Port Byron tapes recorded at The Ranch & Company. The audience reaction is kind of tepid, and you can hear Jon launch into Foreigner’s “Feels Like The First Time” before the cutoff.

Originally posted back in February of 2013, “Rainbow” is a Mick and Jon collaboration with me coming up with the verse and Jon the chorus. I think we were working together to come up with the echo-like part “Her love…” as well as the lyrics.

As for the performance, it is Jon and I trading off vocals on the verses. Ken is on lead guitar and Paul on drums. The photo is from the Rock Island session. Once again we were having a good time. With all that laughing, why did we ever break up?

Mick Orton

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