More Silver Laughter Beatles Music “Let It Be”

Silver Laughter's Tribute To The Beatles: Jon, Ken Mick and Kim

Silver Laughter’s Tribute To The Beatles: Jon, Ken Mick and Kim

“Let It Be”

We had two Beatles sets. We changed instruments in both of them. Each set had a different medley featuring me on piano and Ken on bass. This cut is from the Calgary performance in July of 1977. Jon does an excellent George Harrison lead!

I was fortunate enough to get to sing Paul’s parts on this and “Long and Winding Road” which came right after it. The piano portion of Show #1 consisted of 9 songs. This is number 7 in the series. Paul Staack was playing drums for us when we toured Canada in the summer of 1977. Kim Ludtke is pictured in this Tribute To The Beatles glossy photo.

Mick Orton

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