Silver Laughter Pomotional Photo Outtakes

Silver Laughter - Fall of 1976: Ken, Paul, Jon and Mick

Silver Laughter – Fall of 1976: Ken, Paul, Jon and Mick

Yesterday I received almost a MILLION negatives of past publicity photo sessions from Silver Laughter’s manager, Art Stenstrom (aka Art Smart and Gus Scamera). Just in time, too! I was running low on material for the website.

Anyway, in this case, I guess these were from Gus since Paul was new to the band in some of these early pictures. As I wrote earlier, Paul was the one who started calling Art “Gus”.

Here is the first shot from what I believe is the earliest session in this collection taken in the Fall of 1976. Paul had just joined the band, and Kim was leaving for school. We were in Worthington (so I am told). Silver Laughter had just finished recording “Handle With Care” so one of these photos was used on the back of the album cover.

As I remember, it was windy and cold. We lads just wanted to get it done and get back inside. But as you will see in later pictures, there were a few instances where we were “larking about” trying to make everyone else laugh.

Mick Orton

(Special note: Thanks to Art (or Gus) for sending this treasure trove of pictures! You’re a life saver!)

(Note: Carol, one of our friends from Worthington, thinks this was on the golf course close to Cheever’s Nightclub. If so, that is an awful lot of trees to navigate with a golf club!)

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