VERY RARE Find – Art Discovers Silver Laughter Chord Charts from “Sailing on Fantasies”

Very rare chord charts

Very rare chord charts

Art “Smart” and I talked last week on the telephone, and I discovered he still had a bunch of negatives from the Silver Laughter band days. Fortunately for us he also found some other very rare stuff which I will be sharing as the days go on.

This first item is the original chord sheet Jon and I submitted to Art of the songs for our “Sailing on Fantasies” album. The printing looks like mine… back when it was still good and could be read! [correction: it is Jon’s printing. See comment below.] Ken’s composition, “Rock and Roll Game” is included in this list.

Mick Orton

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  1. Sorry, you need to correct your comment about the printing.The printing is Jon Ludtke’s hand writing. I know, because I’ve been married to him for 25 years and I am very familiar with his hand writing. He still writes just like that. Silver Laughter had some great original songs. You all should be proud. Jon and Kim are still writing some great songs. NICE WEBSITE MICK.

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