Silver Laughter’s Paul Staack and Mick Orton Play on The Contents Are: Original

The Contents Are: amidst a mist

The Contents Are: amidst a mist: Standing – Dave Neumann (lead), Mick Orton (bass) – Sitting – Craig Hute (guitar), Paul Staack (drums)

“If You Follow Me”

This was another one of my favorite Craig Hute songs. I found a live version of this one on those tapes of The Contents Are: live performances. But several months later a friend, Wade Calvert, sent us copies of a studio session we had done at a little place in Pekin , IL which is what is posted here. It takes awhile to download so please be patient.

When the group was first working on arranging this song, Dave Neumann and I “magically” came up with the idea for the backup “ooh’s” at exactly the same time during an early run though of the song. It just came together. Dave is on lead guitar and backup vocals, Craig is on guitar and lead vocal, Paul Staack is playing drums and I am playing my Hofner bass and doing backup vocals during this studio session.

In my opinion Craig’s vocal could have been a little louder and the lead back in the mix a little, but that’s what happens when there is no producer who knows what he’s doing. All in all, it is a very good hard rock song.

Mick Orton

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