A Thought About Silver Laughter Hair

Mick's self haircut

Mick’s self haircut

All during The Contents Are: years, I cut my own hair. Not that I was an experienced barber. I just knew how I wanted it to look so I used my own scissors to make it so. Even early in the Silver Laughter days I still did my own hair “styling”… not that I cut it all that often.

Mick's professional hairstyle

Mick’s professional hairstyle 4 years later – is it really that different?

Somewhere along the way we started going to salons to have our hair done for us by professionals. Taking showers before a performance was particularly troublesome.  I am not sure why we didn’t use hair dryers, but without them I would spend an hour or so sitting upright to let it dry to the “perfect’ shape. Occasionally I’d run a brush though it in order to mold it a certain way. Ken would often sit and read a comic book with his back against a pillow so his head wouldn’t touch the wall.

These days I am just happy to still have hair! Near the end of the Silver Laughter days I tried using jojoba (pronounced hoe-hoe-bah) shampoo from the health food store. It was supposed to stimulate hair growth on those thinning patches above each temple. Didn’t work. Vanity knows no bounds!

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