It’s Settled – Mick Orton Will Play a New Hofner for the Silver Laughter IRRMA Induction!

Hofner Invoice 2014

Hofner Invoice 2014

Okay, okay. More about me. The rest of the guys have been offered an opportunity to post here, but so far have declined. To be more truthful, they have not responded.

Here is the invoice from my most recent purchase; a new Hofner violin bass! I saw one at a local music store, but it was sold before I could pick it up. Besides, I was told the new ones don’t come with cases. So I found this place online in Indiana that sells them for the same price including the case, and shipping is free!

"Hugh" Hofner closeup

“Hugh” Hofner closeup

My old one, “Hugh” Hofner (after Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner), belongs on Antiques Roadshow. The E string has a problem playing true; that is, there is a slight overtone making it sound out of tune even when the tuner says it is in. There are also lots of check marks (hairline cracks) from all the cold weather we experienced traveling the Midwest and then bringing the instruments into the warm clubs and/or motel rooms. The pickups have duct tape around the edges to keep them from falling into the body! Notice the worn spot in the finish at the edge of the bridge from resting my hand? Lazy boy!

remnants of Silvermania bumper sticker

remnants of Silvermania bumper sticker

And let’s not talk about the case! It has not held up well over the many years I’ve had it. The wood at the tail end is coming apart! There is silver duct tape all over the edges holding it together. But as you can see, it does still have the Silvermania bumper sticker (not really legible) stuck to the top! That little red ball is from my short stint with “The Balls”, a new wave group in San Francisco.

Original Silvermania sticker

Original Silvermania sticker

However, because the Hofner is so light thanks to its hollow body, it makes it a dream to hang on my shoulder while performing onstage for live performances. Compare that to my extremely heavy Fender Jazz bass, and it’s no contest! I would need a chiropractor the next day!

So I will be sporting a brand new violin shaped instrument for the Hall of Fame induction performance.

Mick Orton

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